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All FTA Ku-band channels for AMC 21 (103 W)

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Create TV wwwEnglish12180-V 30000193 196PBSC 
Montana Legislature wwwEnglish11959-H 253233 38 
Montana PBS wwwEnglish12103-V 434033 38KUFM 
PBS wwwEnglish12180-V 30000177 180PBS-X 
PBS HD wwwEnglish12140-V 3000049 52PBSEHD 
PBS HD 2 wwwEnglish12140-V 3000065 68PBSDT-W 
PBS HD 3 wwwEnglish12179-V 3000049 52 
PBS World wwwEnglish12180-V 30000225 228WGBXDT2 
V-Me wwwSpanish12180-V 30000209 212V-ME 

Channel Count = 9

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