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All FTA Ku-band channels on AMC 21 (125.0 W)


AMC 21 was launched in August 2008 and is expected to remain functioning for 15 years. It's popular among FTA viewers for its concentration of PBS channels. Note that Montana PBS is difficult to bring in.

Channel Count: 13

Last update: January 17, 2016

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Channel Name Language Freq Pol SR VPID APID TitanTV
Create TV wwwEnglish12180-V 30000193 196CREATE
Create TV (OETA) (DVB-S2) wwwEnglish12111-V 870081 84CREATE
FNX wwwEnglish12180-V 30000241 244WYCC-DT2
Montana PBS (DVB-S2) wwwEnglish12103-V 2400101 256KUFM
OETA (DVB-S2) wwwEnglish12111-V 870049 52KWET-DT1
OETA OKLA (DVB-S2) wwwEnglish12111-V 870065 68KWET-DT2
PBS HD 3 wwwEnglish12180-V 3000081 84 
PBS HD East wwwEnglish12180-V 3000049 52PBSEHD
PBS HD West wwwEnglish12180-V 3000065 68PBSDT-W
PBS Kids (OETA) (DVB-S2) wwwEnglish12111-V 870097 100KWET-DT4
PBS SD01 feed wwwEnglish12180-V 30000177 180PBS-X
PBS World wwwEnglish12180-V 30000225 228WGBXDT2
V-Me wwwSpanish12180-V 30000209 212WTTW-DT4

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