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The more you understand FTA, the more you'll be able to enjoy it. Use these links as jumping-off points to find more information. Note that all of these links are to sites outside the control of FTAList.com, which does not endorse any particular information source or dealer.

More FTA info

computers orbiting

LyngSat, the global FTA channel listing source

DBS Talk, lots of help, especially Dish and DirecTV

Satellite Guys, a great place to ask FTA questions

DishPointer, the best help to point your dish

LegalFreeToAir, the latest FTA forum

VisionPlus, it's another FTA forum

FTA Basics and a brief history of the American market

SatBeams, full of satellite footprints and more

DVB Resource

TELE-satellite International Magazine

Wikipedia entry for FTA

North American MPEG-2 Information

DMS International, North American FTA equipment wholesaler

Fortec Star Satellite Systems, satellite equipment company

MyLocalInstaller, satellite installer directory

Online FTA dealers

Global Communications

Sadoun Satellite Sales


FTA Solution Central

GO Satellite

Coolsat Canada Retail


Satellite DVB Sales


FTA Pros

Ricks Satellite

FTA Satellite Sales

Glorystar Christian Satellite Systems

Transat Electronics

DVB Source

Vi-Tesse Electronics

FTA Home

Shop 4 FTA

Aeon Satellite

Granby TV

FTA World

Not FTA, but useful

Antenna Web, see broadcast stations in your area

Titan TV, the best online TV listing source for FTA

Beeline TV, with links to streaming video from around the world

wwiTV, another site with links to streaming video from around the world

PickAndWatch, a newer site with with a few more links to video channels

iDesiTV, just South Asian streaming TV links

In2TV, with lots of classic episodes to stream on demand for free

IMDb, home of tons of movie info

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