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All FTA Ku-band channels on Galaxy 18 (123.0 W)


Once upon a time, when 123 W was home to Galaxy 10R, this was the center of the FTA hobby. There were a couple dozen over-the-air broadcasters here, including affiliates of ABC, Fox, WB, UPN, and sometimes even NBC. They're all gone now, with only a few scattered channels in their place.

Channel Count: 4

Last update: September 09, 2014

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Channel Name Language Freq Pol SR VPID APID TitanTV
Daystar wwwEnglish11775-V 284767 42DSTAR
Free Speech TV wwwEnglish11848-V 1784101 256FSTV
TV WashingtonEnglish11771-V 3360201 202 
University of Washington TV wwwEnglish11771-V 3360112 113UWTV

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