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Getting Started with FTA: Overview

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What you absolutely need:

  • A clear view of the southern sky
  • A dish, 30 inches or wider
  • A Ku-band LNBF
  • A Free-to-air DVB receiver

To hit multiple satellites from one dish, add:

  • A dish-moving motor

Really helpful stuff for installation:

  • A compass with degree marks
  • A level
  • True RG6 coax cable
  • A 7/16-inch wrench, for most dishes
  • A portable TV
  • A signal strength meter

The four simple steps:

  1. Find a place for the dish. It has to have a clear view to the south, although the exact direction varies.
  2. Get your equipment. Choose what you want, see who sells it for a good price, and go get it.
  3. Install. You can do it yourself with a few helpful tools, or you can pay someone else to do it.
  4. Find your channels. Use FTAList as a guide to tell your receiver where to look for the channels you want.

Now let's get started!

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