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Welcome to FTAList.com

FTAList.com is the easy, friendly guide to satellite Free-To-Air television and radio reception in Canada and the USA. Here's where to find out about all the freely available TV channels you can get, and what you need to get them.

dish dot Looking for channels? You've come to the right place! You can browse through the master channel list, look at the list of channels from just one satellite, or see all the channels in one language. Find your favorite list and bookmark it!

dish dot Just getting started? Read Getting Started to learn how to enjoy this hobby. This site lists Ku-band channels, which are easy to receive.

dish dot Need more info? Try our FTA FAQ section where we explain what free-to-air TV is and isn't. You can also look at our list of other resources.

dish dot Know about a channel to add to the list? For additions, corrections, and questions, use the contact page.


change arrows Channel Changes

Coming Soon! Lots of updates and a few more changes.

October 24 AMC 6: Deleted Gospel Broadcasting Network. AMC 5: Deleted KTEL. Deleted AMC 5.

May 24 Galaxy 19: Added Caspionet, Miracle TV, and generally brought everything up to date.

March 16 Galaxy 19: Brought everything up to date. Phew!

Feb. 14 AMC 9: Added PBJ.

Feb. 11 Galaxy 28: Deleted ABC News Now. Galaxy 25: Replaced Azteca Trece with Azteca Siete. Galaxy 3C: Brought everything up to date.

Feb. 9 Satmex 5: Brought everything up to date. AMC 1: Brought everything up to date. Galaxy 16: Added Shalom TV. SES 1: Brought everything up to date.


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